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Exploring textiles of Latin America

In Colombia, the diversity of mochilas (bags) mirrors the vibrant tapestry of its people. As we invite you to join us on our captivating travels, we present to you a breathtaking array of the country's most extraordinary creations : 

Discover the enchanting mochilas woven and sourced from the majestic Sierra Nevada, where each thread carries the essence of ancient traditions and natural splendor. Witness the mesmerizing colors infused by the skilled hands of the native Wayuu people from la Guajira, as they artfully dye these masterpieces.

But our journey doesn't stop there. Delve into the intricate patterns and unique designs that emerge from different regions and indigenous communities, each showcasing their rich cultural heritage. From the Andean highlands to the lush Amazon rainforest, you'll encounter a kaleidoscope of textiles that reflect the diversity and creativity of latin America's people.


These textiles hold a value that surpasses even gold, as they embody the essence of artisan heritage and serve as a profound expression of deeply rooted traditions. Adorned with sacred symbols, each textile carries within it the rich history and cultural legacy of the native people.

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