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UNIQUE PIECE. (Only the cover)

Material : Alpaca (upperside)/ wool (lowerside)
Origine : Hand Made in Peru
Maintenance and care : normal wool wash

All available sizes :
INDTE-20-01 Small : +/- 60 x 40 cm
INDTE-20-02 Medium : +/- 65 x 55 cm
INDTE-20-03 Large : +/- 70 x 50 cm

These cushions are crafted from vintage bags made of alpaca wool sourced from the Andes. We have converted bags, provided by local mountain communities, into beautiful cushions. The colors are entirely natural, reflecting the varied hues of alpaca wool. Originally, these bags were used by farmers to carry their crops down the mountains on the backs of alpacas. Now, we've transformed them into stunning cushions made from genuine alpaca wool.

Please note that only the covers are included; the cushion inserts are sold separately.


We sell polyester Cushion Fillings / Rembourrage Coussins individually : 
INDACC-01-01 : 50 x 50 cm (for a cushion cover of 45 x 45 cm  : INDTE-40-01/02)
INDACC-01-02 : 45 x 65 cm (for cushion cover of 60 x 40 cm : INDTE-20-01)
INDACC-01-03 : 50 x 70 cm (for cushion cover of 65 x 45 cm : INDTE-20-02)
INDACC-01-04 : 55 x 75 cm (for cushion cover of 70 x 50 cm : INDTE-20-03)


Alpaca Cushion Medium 65 x 45 cm

SKU: INDTE-20-02/1
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